castilian | he/him | hobby artist

hiya! i'm cast, a self taught artist with a passion for video games and designing characters. i really appreciate all the support my followers give me, you guys really motivate me to keep drawing! if you'd like to support me further, check out my social medias or commission information! ♥ ♥ ♥


upon ordering a commission,
you automatically agree to these terms.

  • i reserve the right to decline an order for any reason.

  • i reserve the right to cancel orders, should a need arise.

  • while i am in the sketching or lining phase of commissions, you may ask for changes. changes may or may not be possible once the line-work is complete.

  • if you're unhappy with your commission's progress, you may ask for a refund. you'll be refunded 50% of the paid price, and your unfinished commission's current progress will be reused at my discretion and possibly resold. you can only ask for refunds for commissions that have yet to be completed.

  • my signature must never be removed or rendered invisible.

  • tracing, copying, and any form of art or design theft is not allowed.

  • credit me for my work! (TH: castiiian-and-venus) (IG: castiiiann)


  • i'm most comfortable drawing ferals, but can draw humans and anthros! ( humans and anthros cost 5 usd extra! )

  • i will not draw anything hate related or fetish related.

  • i will not draw under aged characters in any inappropriate way.

  • a clear reference makes it way easier for me to accurately draw your character!

additional notes

  • average turn around is anywhere from 1 day to 3 weeks. if i'm running late or behind, i'll let you know!

  • prices, commissions being offered, rules, and the like are all subject to change.

  • complex characters, requests, or other details may cost extra!

  • humans and anthros add + 5 usd to the price of your order.

pixel information

  • pixels take me longer to produce than brushwork, so the wait time may be longer!

  • characters may be simplified in order to fit on smaller canvas sizes!

  • character colors and gradients may be adjusted in order to render more clearly.

pixel page doll

bust20 usd
fullbody25 usd
additional character+50%
no animation+0 usd
simple animation+5 usd
complex animation+10 usd
  • size of pixel page dolls vary. if you want a specific size, let me know!


fullbody20 usd
additional character+50%
color/texture background+0 usd
  • thick lines and simple shading, with playful anatomy!

clean and shaded

bust15 usd
fullbody25 usd
additional character+50%
color/texture background+0 usd
  • full shading, with just a focus on the character!

full canvas

portrait30 usd
halfbody40 usd
fullbody50 usd
additional character+50%
color/texture background+0 usd
simple background+5 usd
detailed background+10 usd
  • full canvas artwork features a heavy focus on atmosphere, composition, and shading!

  • don't forget to ask if you'd like a simple or detailed background!

base custom

0-3 edits10 usd
4-6 edits15 usd
6-8 edits20 usd
complex edit+5-10 usd
  • these designs are made on a base!

  • if you'd like me to use a specific base, please let me know!

  • complex edits, such as wings, body changes, or additional limbs may cost extra!

moodboard custom

simple30 usd
complex40 usd
  • this custom design features custom lines!

  • i will make a character with artistic liberty based on a moodboard you provide!

regular custom

simple40 usd
complex50 usd
  • this custom design features custom lines!

  • please be as specific as you'd like for what you want!